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The Best
Solution Provider in India.

The Best
Solution Provider in India.

Downlights can be easily installed into a hollow space in the ceiling. These LED Down-lights emit light in a downward direction with a narrow and accurate beam. Customers are looking to optimize all their resources, and that means not just their running costs (energy, etc.) but also their human resources. Energy savings are therefore a priority, but they must not have an adverse effect on the well-being of employees, who need a pleasant environment in order to be more productive, or on customers, who want to enjoy their shopping experience. Inca provides the perfect combination of efficiency, light comfort and design, without compromising on lighting performance (color rendering and color uniformity). It offers a wide choice of options for creating the desired ambiance, no matter the application.

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Recessed panel lights

INCA Recessed Panel Lights are designed to be slim and energy-efficient. With its versatile nature

Surface lights

INCA brings you the White LED Surface Panel Light For Indoor Purposes. With its beautiful design

Zoom lights

INCA Zoom Lights offer high intensity focussed lighting with enhanced lux levels. These Zoom lights offer the brightest light for the power

Frameless panel lights

The unique feature about these Frameless panel lights are, they have no frames at the edges.

Cob downlights

COB downlights provide a better light source. They have clear lenses, that helps the light to penetrate


The 2x2 Downlights are elegant in design and integrate seamlessly with your ceilings

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